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About Us

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DRAFT DESIGNERS develop 3D CAD Models, Renderings and Draftings that can be used for simulation and analysis ensuring shorter and cost effective product development. We are all about supporting clients in close collabaration - adding capacity, problem solving and delivering innovative solutions.

We have experienced and a well-founded team of innovative engineers and designers that built a close relationship with clients. Our methodology is always to stay updated in terms of planning, designing, and building flexibility from day one.

Our typical support includes

  • Innovation – problem solving from first principles
  • New asset development – from concept to detail to cost/benefit analysis
  • Specialist procurement management, critical spares analysis
  • Operational storyboards & procedures; HAZOP, HAZID, FMECA
  • Trouble shooting – resolving performance issues with existing equipment
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We provide our support through online and available for our customers and clients at all times.

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We are on a quest to target the worldwide market soon.


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